There will be two terms.
First Term-April-September
Second Term-October-March
Each term will have two formative and one Summative Assessment.
Assessments will be indicated in Grades.
The Grading Scale for the Scholastic Areas is a Nine Point Grading Scale.

Part-2: Co-Scholastic Areas
Part 2 consists of Co-Scholastic Areas where students are assessed in four parts on a Five Point Grading Scale once in session.
Part 2(A):
Life Skills consists of-
• Self Awareness
• Problem Solving
• Decision Making
• Critical Thinking
• Creative Thinking
• Interpersonal Relationships
• Effective Communication
• Empathy
• Managing Emotions
Part 2(B):
Work Education
Part 2(C):
Visual and Performing Arts
Part 2(D)
Attitude & Values
Attitude towards Teachers, Schoolmates, School Programmes and Environment.
Value system refers to the framework which must be developed right through Primary to Secondary level.
Part 3: Co-Curricular Activities
Co-Curricular Activities a choice in participation and assessment thereof is available. It has two sub parts to be assessed on a five-point grading scale.
Part 3(A):
• Literary and Creative Skills
• Scientific Skills
• Information and Communication Technology(ICT)
• Organizational and Leadership Skills (Clubs)
A student will be expected to choose two activities from these four groups and will be assessed on their level of participation and achievement.
Part 3(B): Health and Physical Activities
Different kinds of Health and Physical Activities have been provided.
• Sports
• Indigenous sports
• Yoga
Students will be assessed on any two activities that are choosen from within the different activities. The objective is to benefit from Physical activities to maximize health benefits. They will be assessed by teachers involved in various activities in school.
Part 1: Scholastic Areas
Pattern for Grades

 April-May  Formative I  WA+Activity 10 %( Class Presentations and M.C.Q’S)  10%
 July-Aug  Formative II  WA+Activity 10%  10%
 September  Summative I  First term Assessments 30%  30%
 Oct-Nov  Formative III  WA+Activities 10 %( Class Presentations and M.C.Q’S)  10%
 Jan-Feb  Formative IV  WA+Activities 10%  10%
 Mar  Summative II  Second Term Assessments 30%  30%

MA-Monday Assessment
The nine point grading scale for measuring Scholastic achievements is given below:

 Grade  Marks Range  Grade Point
 A1  91-100  10.0
 A2  81-90  9.0
 B1  71-80  8.0
 B2  61-70  7.0
 C1  51-60  6.0
 C2  41-50  5.0
 D  33-40  4.0
 E1  21-32  3.0
 E2  0-20  2.0

Minimum qualifying grade in all the subjects under Scholastic Domain is D.
Note: All assessment with regard to the academic status of the students shall be done in marks and the assessment will be given in grades.
Co-Scholastic attainments 2(A, B, C & D) and 3(A, B) will be done on 5 point scale (shown in the table below).It will be done once in a session.

 Grade  Grade Points
 A  4.1-5.0
 B  3.1-4.0
 C  2.1-3.0
 D  1.1-2.0
 E  0-1.0

Minimum qualifying grade in Co-Scholastic Domain is D